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Located in Kumluca, Olympos, Antalya is one of the most exhilarating vacation stops compatible with the nature and the Mediterranean Sea. The region is noted with a date not only with its natural look fabulous. If you wish, without spending much time, let our list of Olympus about historic sites;

About the history of Olympos; Olympus, the history of the very first settlements date back to the Hellenistic period began around 300 BC, it is believed that around. The name comes from the ancient Greek Olympos, and “great mountain”, which means the estimate. The name of the region that gave the mountain tahtalı mountain was known as Olympos in the past. The region in the past at the same time there was a place is used for worship and sacred. Pirates of the offerings to the gods here, it is stated that by the sacrifice of dedication, and perform their rituals.

Olympos region, was considered one of the most important cities of the Lycian civilization. In the time of Alexander the great conquering of neighboring spent in Phaselis it is rumored that the winter season. Olympos is a record of 78 in the year if it is related to Mo Servilius vatia first under the command of the Navy of the period of the Roman governor considered to be one of the most important and hijackers all over zenicetes he destroyed the war began.

The Roman domination began after Christ…

Entering the Roman Dominion in the years to 43 MS Olympos region, and the region experienced great difficulties due to pirate attacks has left the people of this place in time. For a long time when Pirates established dominance in the region, 11 and 12. century Genoa, Venice and the Knights of Rhodes with the efforts of re-ports were the glory days old and has been one of the most important trade in the Mediterranean. 15. century, the Ottoman domination in the region began.

The most famous of Olympus; Olympus, located in the ancient city of Olympos in the region, the most famous historical point. For another, the flames of the Chimaera, I can tell.

Olympus Trip advice; Genoa, the village of Olympos beach and enjoy the sea and visit the many natural wonders than we can count dah adrasan to remove. Caretta caretta) eggs and hatchlings of going into the sea bear witness to the ceremony. A safari tour with ATV rent and enjoy nature. If you have time, visit Olympus at Sunset Fire and the flames of the Chimaera and impressive views of both tracks. Famous experience an authentic stay in the tree house. Just limit your visit with Olympus, and all the historical places of Antalya, you should visit to nearby towns and resorts.

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Ancient Cities, Historic Walking Areas

1. The Ancient City Of Olympos

What is this place? As a port city of the Kingdom managed to be one of the most important settlements of Lycia. The city is one of the cities in the Lycian league in 3 to 6 shows us the importance of being have the right to vote. Kent is located in Kumluca. Precise information is lacking on the date of the founding of the city and leave the coins in MO but obtained from the excavations of the city may have been established during the years it is thought that 167-168 was captured by the Romans and it is known that in the year 78 BC. Excavations in the region, especially the Roman, Byzantine and uncovered the remains from the Hellenistic period. Pass the region under Ottoman Rule 15. in the century was realized.

Why should I go? The glorious history of the past, as well as the stunning nature and unique with the beach fills the eye. Maybe here has made it attractive to the magnificent views of the Mediterranean civilizations of each semester. Temple gate remaining from the ancient city, the remains of a small theatre in terms of the historical value of the region can be counted among the significant points.

Don’t miss out! Speaking of Olympos, Olympos beach, we think you should visit. Olympos your experience camping in the season, if you come in and you can make the sea turtles lay their eggs and you can observe the stages of going to the sea.

2. The Ancient City Of Phaselis

What is this place? The mountains and within the National Park of Olympus is located in tekirova, Phaselis ancient city of Olympus, because of the proximity to dedicate time and is one of the points that need to be included in your list. The city’s first 7 mo. it was founded in the century by the people of Rhodes were seized by the Lycians, and then estimated. 3 MO. in the century, however, stated that the city was not conquered by Alexander the great. The city’s north, south and Central with 3 port.

Why should I go? Phaselis, which has three ports, this feature has been one of the most important trade centers in the region, and this situation has accelerated the development of the city. This region harbors and bays and attract great attention from visitors, and is much preferred to go to sea. Olympus is adjacent to the ancient city of Phaselis and other details that make it attractive to be easy in terms of Transportation.

3. Chimera

What is this place? Located in the northwestern part of Cirali, Chimera, from Antalya, is located 55 km. The rocks which continue to burn for a very long time, it is understood that due to methane gas seeping from underground is illuminated. The lack of a geological structure of the region here is suitable to generate methane gas has been the subject of research and ruthenium has been found to cause the formation of methane gas. The flames of the Chimaera stones the famous traveler Evliya Çelebi impressed and told you about this in the book.

Roman and Byzantine period is utilized as a sacred space in the region and here in the remains of a church from the Byzantine period is located. That is partially the point of exhausting climb this amazing natural and historical, “what is the history of Olympus?” for those who wonder it is one of must see stops.

Why should I go? In a natural way, which continue to burn for many years because of a gas leak, the spot where the stone was found, especially during sunset is visited by a lot. The flames of the Chimaera offering a spectacular view at night is quite a pleasure to watch. Newcomers to the region from this point on, and continues to enjoy the unique views of the day and watch the sunset.

The Myth Of The Chimera! From past to present, which is the subject of many legends on the Chimera myth belongs to the most known homer. According to legend, the two sons of the king of ephyra Glaukos have come to hunt. Hipponoes belleros accidentally kills his brother of his sons. Hipponoes remorseful, leaving the country Tipins and turns to the King. The king himself begins to accepting guest, but the wife of the king himself and leaves the sides of mishaps desires. In contrast refused to give, when thou dost slander her and allows it to be sent to Lycia, the King’s wife. The king of Lycia, Lobates, hipponoes to kill the head of a lion and a goat’s tail, he gives orders of the Chimera Beast flames from its mouth. It is believed that the flame chimera of these rocks.